Our Classes - Crossfit Subzero

Subzero Personal Training


personal training at CrossFit Subzero is predominately performed by head coach bobby Kwasny (link to profile) when there are no classes in session. the combination of the private environment along with Bobby’s vast experience in the health and fitness industry provides clients with an unparalleled level of service and guaranteed results.

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SubZero Light


SubZero Light is now EVERY DAY! Monday to Friday 7pm! and Saturdays 10am!

SubZero Light is a simpler and less intimidating version of the SubZero brand of training you find in the main WOD classes. It requires no previous CrossFit experience and even if you’ve never been in the gym before you will be able to jump into CFSZ light classes right away. as always the first class is on us.

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This class is offered 6-7 times a day and changes daily.  Challenge your self and keep your body working on novel exercised from day to day.  Taught by the entire coaching staff you you always know that you are getting the best possible workout available to you.

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Barbell Club


This is Subzero’s 1 hour class that focuses on barbell exercises exclusively. Taught by Bobby and Isaias Tuesday nights at 8pm.

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Crossfit Legends


This class utilizes our signature blend of strength and conditioning geared towards Zeros that are 50+.  Taught by Bobby Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm.

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Mobility Training

This class is a 1-hour focus on improving mobility.  Programmed and coached to promote mobility through drills and positions.  Taught by Sugar, Isaias and Carlo.

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Newbies and out of towners


Curious about who we are or what we do? are you a CrossFit athlete from out of town? Contact Bobby and get schedule a time for your first visit. This free class is perfect for you. It is designed to give you an idea about what we can do for you! No risk no reward!  Want to see what it is like in the icebox?  Call Bobby.  Taught by Bobby and Coach Andrea Saturdays at Noon.

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