Crossfit Subzero | Trainers

Dustin Harrington

A barbell gangster with a Kinesiology degree, crossfit

Andrea Kwasny

Coach Andrea has been around gyms since she was in her

Darren Williscroft

Born and raised out in the boonies of Thunder Bay, Will

Isaias Starkman

Isaias AKA Mufasa, originally from Perth Ontario came t

Shane Pattyson

Shane was first introduced to CrossFit back in 2010, wh

Bobby Kwasny

FunBobby has spent more time in gyms over the last 30 y

Alex Jeffery

Originally an immigrant from Southern Ontario, but now,

Brett Glena

In the summer of 2010, you find a boy tired of doing be

John Blanchette

John first stumbled into CFSZ after seeking out a form