Bobby Kwasny - Crossfit Subzero

Bobby Kwasny

FunBobby has spent more time in gyms over the last 30 years than most people spend in bed. After working in gyms all over North American through his 20s and 30s, he finally settled back down in Thunder Bay in 2010 and opened CrossFit Subzero with his wife coach Andrea. “I’ve been doing this job a long time and I still lay in bed at night excited about what the next day will bring.” Funbobby coaches all of our current program with the exception of mobility, “not enough barbells for my taste, so I leave it to the kids who all do a better job than I would”


  • 25 years coaching/training and fitness
    industry experience
  • CF L-1 and CF weightlifting certified (2008,2013)
  • member of Canadian national triathlon team 1999
  • Ontario Masters CrossFit Champion 2012 and veteran
    of countless other CrossFit competitions around North America
  • NCCP weightlifting