John Blanchette

John first stumbled into CFSZ after seeking out a form of exercise that would whip his body into shape. It was the summer of 2012, and he had completed an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Lakehead University and much of the requirements for his designation as a Chartered Accountant. John needed a way to increase his strength, stamina, and overall fitness level. SubZero provided all of the above.
He’s been through a big transformation since he began his journey into CrossFit and there’s no stopping him now. His happy place and second home is the icebox, he’s constantly looking for a reason to wear a weighted vest during a workout.
After two years of CrossFitting, John joined the team and became CFSZ’s Business Manager. Now, he’s able to add the same level of intensity, that he brings to the icebox, to the behind the scenes operations of the gym.
Although CrossFit is John’s main form of fitness, he also stays active in other ways, playing hockey, cross country skiing and running.


  • HBComm,
  • CPA
  • CA